The Magic Ssak Ssak products sold more than 20,000 items in 3 months

As this product is a 100% silicone eco-friendly product, it is easy to rinse with water. Furthermore, it can be sterilized in hot water, preventing bacteria infestation. This product is more durable than rubber gloves and can be used for an extended period of time. It can be used for bathroom cleaning, pet hair care, car washing and cleaning, bedding, etc.

  • Product Title : Magic Ssak Ssak
  • Configuration : Magic Ssak Ssak 1 P
  • Main component : Silicon 100%
  • Cold, Heat resistant temperature : -40℃ ~ 160℃
  • Size : 360 * 165 * 45 (mm)
  • Weight : 280g
  • Color : White, Pink, Mint, Gray, Etc

Product Features

Find out more about eco-friendly, silicone 100% gloves, Magic Ssak Ssak

  • Combination of silicone gloves and scrubbers, takes off the burden from doing dishes with a hassle.
  • Silicone material is harmless to the human body and can be used without the concern of environmental hormone.
  • Boil it in hot water or heat it in microwave to cleanse and dry 99.9% of the germs.
  • Foreign materials will not get stuck and does not collect humidity, thereby preventing germ infestation and odor.
  • Patented bulk scrub pattern effectively cleans surface from wide to small.
  • Maintains a superior elasticity and resilience within a wide temperature range.
  • Superior climate-resistance prevents most chemical change and makes it semi-permanently usable.
  • Keeps the detergent bubbles running for long with its soft gloves and silicone scrubber combination.

Combination Of Scrubber And Rubber Gloves

The product is convenient, simple and durable multipurpose gloves, combining the function of both scrubber and rubber gloves.

Safe And Convenient Disinfection Method

As the product is heat-resistant up to 160 degrees, it can be disinfected safely in boiling water or through the usage of microwaves. * Hot water disinfection / Microwave disinfection (2 minutes)

Semi-Permanent Use Due To Excellent Elasticity

As the product maintains excellent elasticity and resilience, it can be used semi-permanently without easily being torn.

Silicone Brush Enabling Perfect Cleaning

As its silicone brushes mounted on Magic Ssak Ssak can clean ground-in stains, the product boasts its cleaning power.

Convenient Cleaning, As If You Were Rubbing With Bare Hands

When cleaning, you do not need any other brushes or sponges, you can feel the convenience of rubbing with bare hands.

Designed To Withstand A High Temperature Of 160 ℃

Designed to withstand high heat, it can also be used to remove stain from hot pots or for holding an oven dish.

Magic Ssak Ssak Tip

  • Easy dishes. (recommended for effectively reducing detergent residue)
  • Apply detergent to the dish sink, wipe the dishes and rinse them in cleaning water!
  • Usable for holding handles of ovens and hot pots.
  • Can be used as massage or body wash brush in the shower.
  • Easily cleanable in hot water, usable in hot temperature also.
  • Usable for maintaining household dog and cat’s hair. (body wash, removal of puffs)


  • May be slightly slippery until you get used to it, so for glass materials wash them while gently pressing them against the bottom of the sink.
  • Don’t put near fire.
  • Store in dry area without direct sunlight.
  • Do not scratch or pierce with a sharp object.
  • Do not use for uninstructed purposes.
  • Be careful of damage and deformation resulting from huge impact.



Can rubber gloves and scrubber be combined while being hygienic?

The answer to this question lies in silicone.

Magic Ssak Ssak is an eco-friendly, 100% silicone product, and gets rid of foreign substances easily simply by being rinsed in water. Also, it can be cleansed through hot water, so the product can stay at a germ-free state.

Furthermore, the bumps on each palm makes the usage of detergents more effective, and also reduces the amount of detergent left in the dishes. In this way, Magic Ssak Ssak has considered the customer’s health from material to usage method.

Also, unlike normal scrubbers that have to be often changed due to germs, or rubber gloves, that wear off easily, this product can be used semi-permanently. It is also designed to endure up to 160 degrees Celsius of heat, and therefore can be used when holding the handles of a hot pot or a dish out of the oven.

Not only that, it can be conveniently used for cleaning the bathroom, maintaining household pets’ hair, washing the car and tidying the beddings.

All of this is possible only because it is Magic Ssak Ssak, a 100% eco-friendly silicone.

Magic Ssak Ssak, designed with the consumer’s health and convenience in mind.

Everything from material to usage, we intend the best for the customer
– if you have further questions about Magic Ssak Ssak, our eco friendly silicone multipurpose gloves, contact us right now!