Brand Story

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Doesn’t melt, doesn’t stick to hands, durable and long-lasting and cleanable in hot water, the silicon glove, Magic Ssak Ssak!

Magic Ssak Ssak was invented while seeking for gloves without the risk of germ infestation or bad hygiene.
Magic Ssak Ssak is manufactured in silicon, and can maintain a germ-free state by being cleansed in hot water or in microwaves, thereby protecting the hygiene of your kitchen.
Use the bumps on the palm of the gloves to prevent excessive detergent. It will wash easier and the detergents will be cleansed more easily when you are finishing the cleansing.
Everything from material to usage, Magic Ssak Ssak was invented with the health of the customers in mind.


Magic Ssak Ssak put its priority on customer satisfaction.

Under our philosophy of quality guarantee, we offer you products that are incomparable from our competing products.


We present reasonable prices.

We aim for a popularization of kitchen utensils by selling at reasonable prices. Our high-quality products have been directly manufactured and imported for lower prices, thereby minimizing the price burden for our buyers.


Conducting constant research, we always seek change and development.

We continue to renew ourselves through continuous market research. We aim to develop into brands that our customers love, communicating with our customers with ceaseless effort and innovation.


2017 ~
Expansion of Distributions Exhibitions

Participation in Man’s Show 2017
Sold at the Lotte Premium Market
Opening of pop-up store at Hyundai Department Store
Sold at Chicor at Shinsegae Department Store (Branch of Gangnam, Daegu, Goyang, Centum, and Gangnam)
Sold at E-Mart’s 141 stores / King of Shaves
Sold at the Shinsegae PK Mart
Registration with a utility model of Magic Ssak Ssak (Korea, Japan)
Magic Ssak Ssak won the silver prize at the World Women’s Invention Competition and won the Chairman Prize of Taiwan Invention Association
Launched the Living Genie brand, a kitchenware product brand
Sold at the Nongshim Mega Mart / Magic Ssak Ssak, King of Shaves
Sold at Pandora (H & B) / King of Shaves

2015 ~ 2016
Launched the domestic distribution system and broadcasting

Acquisition of the exclusive dealership of the UK King of Shaves in Korea
An official importer of the UK Edwin Jagger
Sold at Lotte Department Store / King of Shaves
Five items are sold at E-mart / King of Shaves
Sold at Shinsegae SSG Online Store / King of Shaves
Broadcasting at a home shopping / Hello Kitty TOILET PAPER
Registration of a partner with the Hyundai Rotem
Delivery to the Ministry of National Defense

Incorporation into Korean Kitchen Market

Established MTM Union Co., Ltd. on July 14
Our products was sold in E-Mart Store / the “rolled cotton gauze for cooking”
Registration of the design for rolls for the “rolled cotton gauze for cooking”
Registration of the Seek Puff design